July 26, 2008

Dancing under the stars to Steve Southworth

LODI, New York, USA - It was the first dry day we have had in more than a week and everyone took advantage with lawn mowing and cleanup from days and days of deluges.

I took out the chain saw (my least favorite power tool) and whacked down a few small trees at the end of property that were blocking our view of the woods. The acre or so behind the house is actually owned by neighbor Mary Crouch, but we get to view the woods and watch the deer romp around.

Very nice.

As a reward for the hard work (and to celebrate actually seeing the sun), we went out for dinner at the Stone Cat Cafe in Hector with the Admiral's brother David, and his amigos (now our amigos, too). At the Stone Cat, four of us ordered, not surprisingly, catfish.

Gawd, it was delicious.

And then it was time for a quick trip to Wagner's Vineyards where we danced for an hour or so to Steve Southworth & the Rockabilly Rays, the same group that didn't play earlier this summer because Steve was in a car accident on the way to play.

Last night, he made it fine and it was a rockin' good time.

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