July 1, 2008

Finally finding Foster's Pond - and with a map firmly in hand

Admiral at Foster's Pond
Admiral at Foster's Pond

FOSTER'S POND, Finger Lakes National Forest, Hector, NY, USA - Sorry for the long dateline, but I was soooooo excited that we actually found the pond we went hiking to find the other day that I had to get it all out there in front.

After our unsuccessful foray through the mosquito-laden woods several days ago, we stopped by the local forest ranger station today and got a map of the region - one that shows plainly we were within easy reach of Foster's Pond a few days ago when we turned back, sure we had walked too far. Oh well, it at least spurred us on to get a map.

Can a compass be far behind?

By my best guesstimation on the map, we were about a quarter mile from standing on the banks of the pond when we decided we had way overshot the place. I wonder if I should consider getting a good GPS, too.

Today we drove a clearly marked parking area that is .25 miles away from the pond (at the far end of the trail we took before) and had a very nice (if somewhat bug-infested) walk to the pond. Even with July 4 just a few days off, the forest is deserted.

Well, at least there are very few people there.

Sign hard to miss
Hard to miss the sign

The pond was overrun with bullfrogs, the edge full of pollywogs and more than a few largemouth bass seemed to be flopping around - probably so full of pollywogs they could barely swim.

I made a note that I have to keep my fishing pole in the car for such excursions. I also should break down and shell out the $40 for a New York State fishing license, I suppose.

Foster's Pond resident
Foster's Pond resident

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