July 18, 2008

Rodney Carrington should sing some of these songs

POPLAR RIDGE WINERY, Valois, NY, USA - A week ago - before I succumbed to the stings of some nasty-ass, white-faced hornets (see yesterday's posting) - The Admiral and I spent a couple of great hours at Poplar Ridge Winery, drinking Cayuga White wine, visiting with neighbors and listening to cousin Brett Beardslee play tunes.

It was our third time at the winery to hear Brett play and the third Sunday that I imbibed a enough Cayuga White before we barreled home for the evening that I dutifully handed over the car keys to the Admiral.

Brett is an excellent musician, writing much of his own music, and playing an eclectic selection of songs on a variety of guitars, sometimes adding some harmonica work with it.

And late in such performances, he almost always drags out some songs that have lyrics that are, well, shall we say a little risque?

Risque? Well, maybe more like bawdy. Maybe more like: Did he really sing that?

Rodney Carrington - you should buy some of this guy's songs.

I made a DVD of an hour's worth of Brett's performance, but cut it down - a lot - to a short bit for this blog.

Yes, one snip falls into the risque and/or bawdy category.

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