November 6, 2008

Caught in the time 'funnel' on our way to Mexico

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - This time of the semester at the university, time speeds up and I tell my students that we have entered the funnel.

All of the things that we began early in the fall are now swirling around - largely undone or half-done - and the amount of time left to accomplish things is dwindling muy rapido.

Add to that our Mexico preparations and the funnel is spinning so fast I'm getting tossed around like a pilot breaking the sound barrier.

Breaking the sound barrier
Breaking the sound barrier

OK, maybe not quite that much tossing. But the Admiral and I are struggling to pull together the things we want to pack for Mexico, getting requests from friends to bring their special items down, making sure we have all of our documents lined up, and making lists of things to do.

Here's the top of today's list:

Find, Sort and Arrange Mexico lists.

In and among the chaos, however, there have been some bright notes in recent weeks (not the least of which are most of the U.S. election returns). We have sketched plans for the Arroyo Seco site (No. 3 on one list is to make them detailed enough to use for construction), gotten most of the medical appointments out of the way (No. 7, the eye doctor in on tap for today) and the dollar vs. peso seems to be back where it was last year, after falling precipitously.

currency pix
Exchange rate the morning of Nov. 6, 2008

Earlier this fall, the exchange rate had dipped to 10 pesos per dollar, then a few weeks ago, soared to nearly 14 pesos per dollar.

We like 14, for obvious reasons, but if settles back between 12-13 and stabilizes, that's just fine.

A Mexican friend here in Sacramento - who sends most of her earnings back to her family in central Mexico - said she was earning (and sending) every dollar possible in recent weeks while the rate was high.

The bad news, though, is that prices of staples in Mexico are on the rise. Sounds like U.S. supermarkets.

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