December 28, 2008

On the trail of the perfect wave in Arroyo Seco

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - While the surf guides for the two beaches in Arroyo Seco say that surfing isn't all that great at either Playa Chica or Playa Grande, they must have been written by people who have never visited the place, or who want to keep others out.

In the past two days, the Admiral and I have spent time out on the beach, watching the surfers, including nephew Nate Schwartz and our amiga Laura Warner, a Spanish teacher from Calgary who we hope will be coming back later this winter.

Surfer chick Laura
Surfer Laura heads out for a run

Laura and Nate were given some surfing lessons by our amigo Julian, a part-time resident of the rancho who surfs, fishes and enjoys life along with his brother Max. When they aren't in Arroyo Seco, Julian and Max live in their native France, earning enough Euros to come back each winter.

We purchased two surfboards from Julian, who threw in the lessons as part of the deal - and he hadn't even met our amiga Laura yet.

Laura, Max, Julian and Sylvia
Laura, Max, Julian and Sylvia at a fiesta in Arroyo Seco

The surf lessons went well, though we did learn from local surfers that the waves at both beaches can be very dangerous and that whether surfing, boogie boarding, or swimming, you have to beware of the power of the waves.

I wish I had talked with them about that before I took a header into the sand, body surfing on my back.

Yes, now I know, don't try to body surf on your back.

Below is a short video of Nate and Laura in one of their earliest attempts.

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Rog & Di Frizzelle said...

Sylvia--I can see that you were here in PV for xmas. Sorry we did not get a chance to see you but we are leaving for Tenacatita Sat and should be there for three weeks. Hope we get a chance to see you-- email me if you get a chance