July 29, 2009

A day on the water - with thunderstorms ahead today

VALOIS, New York, USA - The weather forecast called for 85 degrees (gasp!), no rain and light winds out of the south and so the Admiral and I (and amiga Laura) declared Tuesday a SLAD (Seneca Lake Appreciation Day). We were not alone in our decision.

We hopped on the Spirit of Louise and toured some of the west side of Seneca Lake, arriving at The Showboat restaurant with Cousin Ruth aboard for lunch.

The Showboat is the waterside restaurant across the lake from us that has good food - but you better like it fried.

Three amigas at The Showboat
Admiral, Laura and Ruth at The Showboat dock

Lazing down Seneca Lake
Slow cruise down the Seneca Lake shore

Such days have been rare this summer - Tuesday was No. 5 by my count - though the lake water has warmed up enough to go swimming if you don't mind a momentary shock when you dive in. We did some swimming at Cousin Ruth's dock at the end of the cruise before heading back up the lake to our dock, where a new swim ladder makes it much easier to get in - and out - of the water.

Last week, we finished a major tree-cutting-and-clearing project opened up the lake view from the house - and also a view of the house from the lake. Now when people drive by in their boats and wonder if we are home, they can spot the car - or us - up the hill. It's changed the orientation of the house back to the lake being the focus.

Sailboat on Seneca Lake
View from the house, sans trees

Schwartz house through the trees
House from the lake

Monday, Sylvia and Laura started a painting project - adding trim to the house. The casa has been a solid white for all the years I have been coming here (18 and counting). But with several trees down in front of the house, the front of the house is suddenly, well, much more visible and the paint makes a nice touch.

This video shows the beginnings of the project. If today's expected thunderstorms hold off until this afternoon (80 percent likelihood according to Wunderground.com), more window trim and other parts of the house might suddenly turn blue, too.

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