July 10, 2009

A national holiday of boating - if the weather cooperates

VALOIS, New York, USA - Today is a holiday, at least around this house, as the Admiral and I celebrate my birthday, a day I always declare a national holiday, despite Hallmark's continued reluctance to include it with all those other special days of the year that litter the calendar.

And for the day, I have planned some sailing on the new sailboat, a trip on the Spirit of Louise to a bar/restaurant called The Showboat for lunch, and lastly a cocktail tour this evening, going dock-to-dock to check in with friends.

Weather permitting, of course... Weather permitting.

Sails up!
Evening sail, just before the wind died

If the summer of 2009 was a child who had just reached maturity, we would have to say we have failure to launch.

Weeks of rain and cold weather have shifted to, well, less rain and slightly less cold. It's July 10 fer Chrissakes! As I write this, a brisk wind is blowing out of the south - a little too brisk for the new sailboat. And the temperature? Well, at last glance it was 63 degrees, about 17 degrees shy of what I want for today and all the activities planned.

Despite the relatively inclement weather, the annual July 4th party at the Schamel's came off without any hitches and this year featured a great dance band. While the Admiral and I had planned on having a couple of glasses of wine and then beating a retreat to the relative warmth of our house, we stayed until the band ended its run instead.

Travis gives the high sign
Travis, cleverly disguised as Travis

Guy Schamel postulates
Admiral Fox listens to Guy Schamel

Spilled drink
Quelle dommage - a spilled beer

The next set of adventures here - once recovery from today's birthday celebration is achieved - will be to give some sailing lessons to my amiga Jennifer who is half-owner of the new sailboat, tentatively dubbed The Red Rocket. She arrives tonight and I am sure will want to be out sailing early Saturday a.m.

The Admiral and I met Jennifer and her family last summer here at the lake and after a few minutes of conversation, cooked up a scheme to buy a sailboat together - provided I threw in some sailing lessons for she and her family.

With any luck, we will get some light winds to keep students - and sailing instructor - out of the water.

Sailing off into the sunset
Sailing into the sunset (Photo by Admiral Fox)

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Jenn said...

Capitan feliz de Cumpleanos!