July 25, 2009

Summer day on Seneca Lake - and a Hector parade

HECTOR, New York, USA - The fourth sunny summer day landed at Seneca Lake Friday, resulting in a warm day of boating, swimming and capped with a parade at the Hector Firemen's Fair. Perhaps the best part was that the good weather wasn't predicted. I was battened down for another day of rain.

We did have a windstorm roll through mid-afternoon that sent us scurrying for the dock, but otherwise, a great day all up and down the lake.

And two days ago, our amiga Laura arrived for a stay, escaping the cold confines of Calgary, Canada. Laura will be with us for a week or so. And this fall and spring she will be coming to Arroyo Seco to teach English to the children in the village.

Oh, and to surf, too, to surf.

Laura on the floaty
Laura floats by at Cousin Roger's dock

This weekend is also the big fundraiser for the Hector Volunteer Fire Department, three-days of carnival rides, food booths, a huge beer tent, (of course) and last night an evening parade of tractors and floats.

The parade is all local: fire departments, farmers showing off their new tractors, children twirling batons and lots of waving to neighbors. We camped with Eric and Tina Hazlitt on the front lawn of their casa right on the highway and got a ringside view.

Cousin Brett's van
Cousin Brett parades by in his '57 VW

Parade vendor

Tractor float
Tractor 'float'

The Red Cat
The Red Cat from Hazlitt's Winery tours in a '65 Triumph Spitfire

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slamont said...

Brett's bus is looking goood!
The Spitfire, I dunno, mine would never run long enough to get through a parade.