December 18, 2009

Arroyo Seco rodeo even got the kids into the act

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - After a few hours of setting up the property - and getting a balky shower head to come through with the hot water I knew was in the pipe - we headed over the rodeo and got to see the cowboys riding some bulls around and around, and around.

Admittedly, they were mostly young bulls, but not exactly pushovers, either.

And after the rodeo (and a quick visit to the beach to see amigos Jim and Vickie) we had tacos on the square with most of the village.
Sylvia's first Arroyo Seco meal of the season
Sylvia's first Arroyo Seco meal of the season

This year's fiesta is much bigger than last year's even features a merry-go-round for the younger  children.

And the rodeo and fiesta continue for the next two days.

Two more days of fiesta, food, rodeo and cervezas?


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Chris said...

Missed you two at the dept. party following graduation today! Michael, I was Chief Marshall--you did that gig as Senate Chair many times, right? Ginny said she'd pay me if I tripped Alex with the mace, but she's FERPing--how much could she afford?! Anyway, glad to be following you two and your adventures in Mexico again! Salud!