December 6, 2009

Forecast I: Snow in Sacramento; Forecast II - Time to go to Mexico

SACRAMENTO, California, USA - The temperatures here in Sacramento have been below freezing at night for several days and now - as we pack for Mexico - the forecast calls for snow. Real snow. Real-snow-on-the-ground snow.

Jaysus. Where did I put my cross-country skis?

I can't remember the last time it snowed here - and in my 20-plus years, I don't think it ever actually stuck to the ground.

But the forecast says there could be as much as four inches of slippery snow on the ground in the valley tomorrow.

Watch for video posting of traffic accidents. People in Sacramento have trouble driving in a light rain!

Marathon four
Marathon runners

A little cold weather didn't slow down any of the runners in this morning's California International Marathon, run from Folsom to downtown Sacramento. It would have been interesting to watch them slip and slide had the race been tomorrow.

As it was, the sun did peek out for a few moments here and there. But not long enough.

The Admiral and I bundled up like Eskimos and went out to watch some of the race near our house. Even many of the runners were wearing wool caps and gloves as they pounded by. The temperature was about 35 with a strong wind blowing.

My Eskimo outfit is headed for storage as soon as school gets out.

Marathon three
Keeping warm, watching the race

Amigos Eric and Tina Hazlitt from New York have already arrived in La Manzanilla and were greeted today by, gasp, rain! The reports say as much as two inches of rain fell last night and today in La Manzanilla. But for Tina and Eric - used to the frosty north in Hector, New York - at least this is warm rain.

They probably went swimming in the downpours and loved it.

The Admiral and I will join them as soon as we can.

Here's a brief video of some of the action from today's marathon...

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California Stem Cell Report said...

It snowed during the winter of 1971 and then again the next year. Not much, but enough to make a snowman on the lawn of the Capitol. Most of the snow melted during the day, but the snowman was around for a couple of days.