December 27, 2009

Wild fiesta in Arroyo Seco, with dancing, music - and lots of laughs

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - After a day of working and puttering around the property, Admiral Fox and I headed to the jardin (town square) Sunday night to take part in a huge fiesta thrown to celebrate a baptism and a First Communion.

Such ceremonies are a very big deal in this community of 300 people. And when a fiesta is thrown, it is thrown for everybody.

Even us gringos...

But the highlight of the evening (in addition to the icy cold beer), was a show put on by our neighbor Chena, with help from various friends and relatives.

She put together her musical-comedy-dance group last year with just a couple of people as a lark. But it has become soooo popular, that whenever anyone has a special event, they plead with her to bring out the group. And it has grown from just a few people to an entire ensemble.

At the party, when she and her crew arrived, the crowd cheered like it was rock stars who had just stepped off a bus. In fact, if it grows much larger, she will need a bus to haul everybody around.

As the video shows, there was some fun audience participation involved, too.

I narrowly avoided being one of victims, er, I mean participants.

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slamont said...

Hay caramba! Donde es Don Miguel????