March 5, 2010

A barbecue big enough for a pig, and it looks like a pig, too

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - Our new pig barbecue arrived last week and within minutes I had managed to snap off one of the ears of the ceramic beast. (Merde!) But even as I broke it, I knew a little epoxy would have Porky Puerco back in fine shape in minutes.

What I hadn't counted on was a visit from Granddaughter Sasha, who this morning made the snapped off ear into two snapped-off-ear pieces. So my glue job got slightly more complicated, particularly having to keep Sasha from trying to help - and gluing herself to the pig in the process.

She is glue free and the ear is holding so far.

By the way: Gawd does epoxy set up fast in this heat!

Pig barbecue
Pig barbecue - minus ear - but ready for, well, a pig?

It's been a full day already (it's noon, time to hydrate, doctor's orders).  Eighteen-month-olds tend to make the days of any adult pretty full.  A beach trip is in the offing for this afternoon. Sasha loves the water and shoreside it's likely everyone can take a brief nap in the shade while Sasha chases any sea birds who have the temerity to land near us. And God help the hermit crabs.

Currently, we are delaying our departure as we wait for the electricity (la luz) to come back on, after a several-hour hiatus. No one in the village seems particularly concerned. And when I ask anyone on the street about their prediction for the return of power, the answer is always the same: dos horas mas o menos (two hours more or less). Usually that is followed by a shrug of the shoulders.

If the Admiral and I hadn't just made a Costco run in Puerto Vallarta - and picked up hamburger and other meats now solidy frozen - I wouldn't care much at all.

Honda generator to the rescue - again
Honda generator to the rescue, again

Little Honda was called back into service about an hour ago, when dos horas has passed. The generator is purring nicely to keep everything cold (or frozen) until the CFE luz makes its triumphant return - soon I hope.

If not, we'll head to the beach anyway now that the refrigerator and the freezer are relatively charged up and cold. This morning the waves were huge at Playa Chica, when Cami (Sasha' mom), Sasha and I took a quad ride to check out where we might swim later.

We will not be swimming at Playa Chica, but instead will likely head to a very protected beach south of Playa Grande.

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