March 7, 2010

Days at the beach with granddaughter Sasha - time for siestas

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - After two days of going to the beach - and chasing granddaughter Sasha around through the sand and in the surf - most of the ranking adults are ready to take a nap, the minute Sasha falls to sleep.

We will likely all drop like the soldiers at Fort Knox did in the 1960s James Bond movie, Goldfinger.

Still, nothing is quite as much fun as watching a totally joyful 18-month-old at the beach. She loves the water - and the sand. A lot of the time she resembles Pig Pen from the Peanuts comic strip.

Sasha as PigPen
Sasha wearing the latest in beach makeup

Sasha says - come and get me
Sasha heading out to Cami

Sasha pets Mia, sort of
Checking out Princesa Mia

We spent the first day at Playa Grande, the second and Tenacatita and today, well, Sasha's mom and dad are talking about a return to Tenacatita for another few hours there, before they head back home to Puerto Vallarta.

Naps will definitely be in order after that sojourn.

But perhaps we will be able to see another comedy act at the Tenacatita Beach today.

Late in the afternoon yesterday, a family used a Honda quad to launch a heavy jet ski and got the quad stuck solidly in the wet sand where the surf was breaking. Only a few waves washed over it, stalling the engine. And the episode provided an excellent object lesson of why purchasing a used quad is probably not such a hot idea.

Unless the Admiral and I were to sell the Pink Flamingo's Honda, of course...

Quad stuck in the sand
Waiting to catch a wave - or wash away

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