March 10, 2010

Days of music in Arroyo Seco and at Boca de Iguana

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - Two days of music in Arroyo Seco by the Celtic Duo (plus Admiral Fox on her violin) - and a band from Barra de Navidad - had the pueblo rocking this Sunday and Monday.

First, Mike, Myranda and Sylvia did an hour-long practice Sunday evening in the jardin and drew a crowd of about 75 - including at least 25 children, many of whom had already heard some of the songs at an earlier music gathering at the Pink Flamingo at a music night for los niƱos.

The songs were lively and because many of the children were familiar with the tunes, there was a lot of enthusiastic percussion work going on with assorted tambourines and other noisemakers. Oops, I mean music makers.

After the practice, our neighbor Dani and his group plugged in their keyboards and electric guitars and kept the music going for another couple of hours.

At the jardin
Mike, Myranda and Sylvia practice

Music lover
Music fan

The trio played again Monday afternoon - but this time for a largely English-speaking crowd in the upstairs area of the bar/restaurant at Boca de Iguana. The sound system cooperated much better for the Boca show than at practice the night before.

And the margaritas flowed a smoothly as the music.

The attendees for the event - a fund-raiser for money to buy guitars to teach music in Arroyo Seco - were quite generous. They donated a total of 1,000 pesos - enough to buy two medium-sized guitars which Myranda will use next season for music lessons. A fund raiser a few weeks ago, coupled with money donated at the jardin in La Manzanilla, made enough for two additional instruments, one of which Myranda has already has in hand. With four guitars - let the classes begin!

Celtic duo one
Mike and Myranda at Boca

Sylvia at the violin
Sylvia gives a solo on her violin

The Admiral's violin was still smoking from the performance at Boca when we arrived back in Arroyo Seco to find a band from Barra - Soul Fire Project - was going to perform. CEO Laura had talked with the group and they agreed to come and put on a show for the pueblo before heading back out on the road to another gig.

The group headed to the beach for a quick swim and returned very hungry, of course.

As they were starving, the Admiral put together a quick dinner for them at the Pink Flamingo, with appropriate beverages to avoid dehydration. The musicians, like all starving artists, were very appreciative and there was a lively pre-performance party with more appropriate dehydration measures taken.

After chowing down, the group went to the jardin and played some very eclectic music.  The villagers took to the group quickly, grabbing percussion instruments to join in the one-hour performance.

Band performs in Arroyo Seco
And the band played on

Band arrives for chow
Soul Fire Project chows down before putting on a show for Arroyo Seco

Fiddle player - playing a Modelo
Soul Fire Violinist, playing the Modelo

Band member plays on
Dancing to the music

Here is a link to the Soul Fire Project blog:


  • Since Monday night, the village has been extremely quiet by comparison and there are no more planned music events - at least for this week.

    Unless the Soul Fire Project rolls back into town, of course...

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