April 24, 2010

Time to leave Arroyo Seco for the season, just as a new baby arrives

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - Our time here in Arroyo Seco for this year is over already, and Sunday we head north to Puerto Vallarta to spend a few days lounging by the pool before boarding a U.S. Airways jet to take us to Elmira, New York (and from there we drive to Valois on Seneca Lake...).

But after a long winter and spring of dealing with a property dispute - more on that another time - the last few weeks have given us great joy, and a reminder of why we like it so much here.

-- CEO Laura Warner headed north this week with her rescued dog, Princesa Mia, who is already adjusting to life in Canada. Mia - and a shaggy village pooch named Canela - were the stars in this year's efforts by the Admiral to help the dogs in the village. Getting a dog rescued from the highway (Mia) and having her actually adopted (by Laura and us...) is as good as it gets. And the best part is Mia will return with Laura next fall.

-- Jose Cuevas Sr. (better known as Chapon) is back in the rancho this week after nearly a year's absence. There's a long story with that, too, also better told another time. But his family and friends have been celebrating since he came back and now he has a new granddaughter to bounce on his knee.

-- That granddaughter, Elina Lizbeth Cuevas Hernandez is the child of Chapon's son Jose Antonio (better known as King Kong in the rancho) and Veronica. Veronica came home today with her baby (born Friday) and Veronica looks like she was on a vacation - not in a hospital having a baby.

Proud mom Vero with Elina
Proud mom - with her new baby

Here is a short video of Veronica and her baby, Elina Lizbeth. Veronica wanted to send a video message to her mother, who is living in the U.S.

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