May 11, 2010

Back from the Jersey Shore to Frostbite Falls, New York

VALOIS, New York, USA - The wedding of niece Marion and Peter Saturday in New Jersey went off without a hitch. Even the weather cooperated with warm temperatures and predicted thunderstorms stayed well to the north.

Marion is the youngest of the six children of my brother Tony and sister-in-law, Marion Sr.

The entire family took part in the wedding - nieces, nephews, brothers, uncles, God parents and a lot of other folks.

And the priest who performed the ceremony, Father Kevin, had the right combination of solemness and levity. He could probably land a job doing standup comedy if he wanted it.

Peter and Marion
Peter and Marion

The band at the reception played an eclectic batch of tunes, a mix of Irish songs, 60s rock, and some other music that the people in their 30s seemed to know, but was foreign to me.

Still, Admiral Fox and I spent a good part of the time out on the dance floor, along with most of the Fitzgerald clan and guests, whooping it up.

The music theme started early - in church - when Marion's brothers John and Michael strummed a tune before the ceremony started. And outside on the steps after the ceremony, a fellow played the bagpipes as Marion and Peter left.

Sunday morning we packed up our gear early and left the Molly Pitcher Inn, stopping by briefly at brother Tony's house to say goodbyes. We then headed north and east, back to Valois where we were warned the weather was colder than New Jersey - a lot colder.

In fact, Sunday morning in Valois it snowed. Not the kind that sticks on the ground. It was the sleeting kind that makes you wonder why anyone lives north of Latitude 12 degrees

This morning, it was about 36 degrees when I got up and loaded up the wood stove for the day.

But after attending the joyful wedding, reception and trip, we were rewarded with a rare sight as we returned Sunday evening -  a white deer grazing in our yard. Native Americans believe white deer are a sign of good things to come for the people who see it and the people they are close to.

Adm. Fox and I believe the appearance of the white deer indicates that Marion and Peter are on their way to very happy times.

I'm hoping the deer is also a harbinger of warmer temperatures, too.

White deer in the yard
White deer pays us a visit

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paulineraven said...

hi michael --- how wonderful to sight that very special deer. You may have frequent visits now he/she has found you. It could be a very good year.