May 14, 2010

On our way to out to breakfast, we meet an odd duck

MONTOUR FALLS, New York, USA - After week of cold weather, the temperatures climbed today to over 70 - a veritable heatwave after days and days of burning logs in our wood stove and wearing jackets and hats all the time to keep warm.

But the cold weather was ok, because much of the week was taken up with catching up on medical appointments and other such errands, capped today by my getting my lab work done as part of my annual physical.

Gawd, I hate it when they take blood from me.

But the bloodtaking also meant that I had to fast for 12-14 hours the night before, which automatically means a good breakfast at a restaurant, somewhere down in Watkins Glen or Montour Falls. This time (as the giver of blood), I got to choose the Harvest Cafe in Montour, a favorite spot with great food where the Admiral hopes she and some of her musical buddies will be doing some music one of these nights.

Harvest cafe and Sylvia
Admiral Fox in front of the Harvest Cafe

We discovered the Harvest Cafe two years ago on a foray in search of a used car. No they don't serve cars there, but the local used car dealer has breakfast there almost every day and that's where we had to track him down.

The food is excellent and this week we met one of the owners, Valerie, who is a transplant from Pasadena, California.

I can't make this stuff up.

She and her husband Jeff sold off their California home several years ago and now live year-round here, with Valerie in charge of the popular cafe and Jeff running their nearby farm.

They are very community-minded and even have a website by the name, Where Community Happens:
  • Harvest Cafe Website

  • Valerie and Jeff
    Valerie and Jeff

    On our way to town this morning, however, we encountered a new neighbor a few doors down - a Muscovy duck, who other neighbors (of the human type) told us spent the entire winter at the lake, romancing a flock of white ducks, quite unsuccessfully.

    Admiral Fox says she will try to find the fellow a girlfriend so that he isn't too lonely.

    Myself, I don't know enough about ducks to tell if the duck in this photo is a male or female. Or if he is lonely.

    But he/she certainly wasn't afraid of the camera.

    Though I had reasonable cause to believe he is not a native duck,  I didn't ask him for any identification papers.

    This is New York, after all, not Arizona.

    Muscovy duck neighbor
    One of our aquatic neighbors

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