June 12, 2010

New video camera in hand - can a 'rockumentary' be far behind?

VALOIS, New York, USA - The Admiral presented me with an early birthday present this week - a new high definition video camera that also takes excellent still photos.

It might be the camera I have been looking for, for, well, years. And if it tests out well, I can get back to making 'rockumentary' films, like Cruising For Croissants, a video of a canal boat trip through the south of France that the Admiral and I took with amigos Jim and Myrna Keitges.

Rockumentary? Yes, that's label I use because music is integral to the production.

New Sanyo video camera
Sanyo Xacti camera

I tried out another version of this camera last fall, but was disappointed in both its video and still images. Dual purpose things frequently don't do both things well. (Ever been on a sailboat that's called a motor sailer?) But if the still images on this blog (and the short video at the end) are any indication, I think it's a keeper.

Spirit of Louise at dock
Spirit of Louise at the dock

Red Rocket and kayaks ready for the water
Red Rocket sailboat and kayaks ready for action

While I tune up my camera skills, the Admiral and I are enjoying the new dock and waterfront, every day. Friday we took what cousin Roger Beardslee calls a 'rubberneck tour' aboard the Spirit of Louise to look at our neighbors' docks to see what kind of fender material people install.

Eric and Tina Hazlitt's dock - where we stopped to get hydrated -  clearly has the best protection for boats (and the dock), a rubber bumper called, appropriately dock gard and sold by a marine outfit called Overtons.

I already ordered a roll of the stuff and it's on my project list for next week to install.

Can't start the Valois Point Yacht Club until we have proper docking facilities for reciprocal yacht club guest...

Here's a short video taken with the new Sanyo video camera.

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