July 28, 2010

Cruising amigos head back to California, Hector Fair ahead

VALOIS, New York, USA - Amigos Dan and Lorraine Olsen left this morning to wing their way back to California where they live summers aboard their 26-foot sailboat, moored at the Oakland Yacht Club.

Sometime in October, they will be heading back to their big sailboat, moored in the Rio Dulce in Guatemala as they continue their cruising, this year to the Bahamas and Key West. With luck, the Admiral and I (and perhaps Eric & Tina Hazlitt and Jennifer & Keith Marshall) might catch up with them there aboard a chartered sailboat.

The Olsens took a moment out, before leaving for the Syracuse Airport, to have their photo taken with local celebrity, Arnold the Wonder Dog.

Dan and Lorraine with Arnold the Wonder Dog
Lorraine, Dan and Arnold

We had, as usual, a great time, curiously hitting just one winery during the week for a tasting (Rasta Ranch), and had lots of adventures. We sailed the Red Rocket sailboat, kayaked up and down the Valois waterfront, hiked Watkins Glen, toured Brother Dan's plant in Big Flats and attempted to rescue Brett Beardslee's ring from the bottom of the pond at the Pee Wee Farm. All that in five days.

Hard to say which was the most fun.

Sylvia chugs up steps at Watkins Glen
Admiral Fox chugs up the steps at Watkins Glen - running

Watkins Glen 2
Watkins Glen trail and waterway

Lorraine and Sylvia in kayaks
Lorraine and Sylvia head north in the kayaks

Thursday (my God, that's tomorrow!) the Hector Fireman's Fair starts its run, concluding Saturday with a big fireworks show. The tents are up already and many of the rides are being constructed. And, of course, the beer tent is ready to start dispensing for those of us in need of hydration.

The weather is supposed to be good for the entire fair- no torrential rain forecast, as least as of this moment. Several years ago, it rained for most of the fair, turning the fairgrounds into such a muddy swamp that people still talk about.

Friday night we will watch the Hector Fair parade on Highway 414 from the front lawn of Tina and Eric Hazlitt before heading over to the fairgrounds to try to win some silly prizes to take back to California.

The parade is always fun to watch, in good part because we know half the people in it.

Perhaps we should enter our newest automobile in the parade and join in. It's a  1996 Mercury Marquis which we purchased from our neighbor, Mary Crouch.

The car is a classic, after all.

Brett Beardslee's van
Cousin Brett driving his signature van in last year's parade

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