September 28, 2010

A fall sailing adventure on San Francisco Bay - in warm weather

ALAMEDA ISLAND, Calif., USA - Friday was a glorious day on San Francisco Bay, sailing with amigos Pat and Sanders Lamont on board their fine sailing ship, Good News. The ship hasn't seen much sailing action this year - a direct function of how busy the Lamonts are up in Camp Connell.

But after a late breakfast at the deli by the docks in Marina Village, we motored out of the Oakland Estuary, catching a fair breeze right outside the channel. And it was an uncharacteristically warm breeze, a nice fall day for a sail.

Even Admiral Fox said it was warm.

San Francisco ahead
San Francisco ahead

Because it was Friday, we had the bay nearly to ourselves at first. We waved to the people working in the downtown San Francisco highrise office buildings as we passed by, as well as thousands of fall tourists scuttling along the Embarcadero.

Then we sailed up the west side of Treasure Island, nearly intersecting with a sailboat race out of Berkeley. The money invested in just the sails on some of those boats could buy a nice automobile.

Kevlar sails abound
Expensive kevlar sails were the norm on the race boats

As part of the tour, we cruised home along the east side of Treasure Island, noting a new (at least new to us) Oracle company building and lots of apparent construction in the marina area.

We also pushed our way through an ebbing tide to slide under the Bay Bridge - as well as the new part still under construction.

It was more than 20 years ago that the Loma Prieta earthquake shook the bridge so severely, causing much damage and prompting the expensive rebuilding.

I'm not an engineer, but it looks like driving a car across that new span is five years away - at least.

Bay Bridge under construction
Bay Bridge - still under construction

Here's a short video of the under-sail adventures Friday.

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