September 5, 2010

We say goodbye to cruising amigos - but will see them in Mexico

ALAMEDA, Calif., USA - Adm. Fox and I sojourned to the San Francisco Bay area Friday to visit with cruising buddies Dan and Lorraine Olsen, only to discover that longtime cruising amigos Roger and Diana Frizzelle were ready to cut the dock lines, too.

So Saturday, at 7 a.m., we waved goodbye to the Frizzelles who expect to be in Mexico later this fall.

We hope to catch up with them when they come to Tenacatita Bay or when we arrive in Puerto Vallarta in December.

The Frizzelles left to go cruising some years back, but returned to work for several years at Farrallone Yachts, getting other people set up on sailboats to live their dreams.

Saturday morning, it was their turn.

It was a fun-filled 24 hours, with a great dinner at the famous Delancy's restaurant in San Francisco with Dan and Lorraine and their two sons. (It was blackened Cajun meatloaf for me with creme brulee for dessert). We also met up with son Dylan Saturday for breakfast in Oakland.

But while in Alameda, staying at a hotel right by the water, we got to see the other end of the cruising dream from the Frizzelle's, a former proud yacht up for sale at auction. It belonged to a member of the yacht club who fell behind in his rent payments for dockage - more than $25,000 behind. The hull and mast are wood.

And while the boat was once a glorious yacht, lack of repairs have made it a maintenance nightmare. Maybe it's a repair nightmare. It might end up being cut up and perhaps burned.

Someone's dream boat
Someone's dream boat

Later today Admiral Fox and I are heading out to daughter Anne's casa for a birthday party for three-year-old Kami. We got a her some musical presents, sure to delight everyone.

And today's party comes in the wake of great party Saturday night here at Dr. Pam and her husband Steve's house, at which there were children running everywhere, swimming in the pool - all having a great time, while the adults watched. Pam and Steve's son Dominic and his three-year-old son Julio are here for the weekend and right in the thick of things.

As I write this, Julio is pedaling his brand-new bicycle up and down the sidewalk, as proud of his wheels as if he was on a Harley. For him, I guess it is.

Kami at Rubios
Kami in her ballerina outfit

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