May 29, 2011

Aboard the motoryacht Ziggy in the Erie Canal

ST. JOHNSVILLE, New York, USA - Admiral Fox and I jumped aboard the motoryacht Ziggy this afternoon. We are crew  and will  help move the vessel from here in Central New York to Bay City, Michigan.

It might be called Brrr City, Michigan, too.

It's our first trip on the canal, and on this rig, we have air conditioning, a full refrigerator, and Internet access. Yup, we have Internet access, which is how this is being posted.

We arrived an hour or so before Ziggy made it here - thanks to Brother Dan's assistance driving us from Valois.

Dan drove his Prius as we chased along the canal until we landed here in St. Johnsville, a wide spot in the canal, but with a very nice sidetie for the boat.

A few hours later - and one injector repair completed - we are ready to rock 'n roll tomorrow morning for a run to Brewerton, where we have reservations for the night and Captain Elizabeth takes control.

The Ziggy is a 72-foot Hatteras and is quite well appointed. It's one of bigger boats to arrive here in awhile, the harbormaster told us.

And the cost for overnight here? $1 per foot... which includes power and water.


slamont said...

Some people always land on their feet.
And then, some people manage to land on a boat.
Fair winds from snow country.

Kate said...

I'm so glad you'll get to make this trip! It's a beautiful ride...and some work in those locks. Bundle up and enjoy!