July 13, 2011

Wild winds rip down Seneca Lake, or is it Seneca Ocean?

WATKINS GLEN, New York, USA - I spent most of the day pounding on this keyboard, catching up on things, writing a story or two and generally not going outside, except to get the mail.

Outside was where it was happening, folks.

Adm. Fox called from Valois at about 5 p.m. to say that our newest sailboat, Panacea, was ok along side the docks, but bucking like a wild horse. I was going to put in the mooring for it today, but it was too rough early in the morning and it rarely improves when the it starts that way.

Sailing vessel True Love pounds into the waves

I went outside after talking to the Admiral and there was 30+ knots of wind - and some of the biggest whitecaps I have ever witnessed on Seneca Lake.

The high winds and waves even found their way well inside the breakwater at the Village Marina, normally a pretty placid place.

The marina staff were running from dock to dock while I was there, retying dock lines from boats that were loose.

I checked on an amigo's boat but saw some others that were in some distress. The marina is usually soooo safe and soooo calm, boat owners get pretty lax and forget to tie up their boats really tight.

Below is a short video of the wind, the marina and some of the boats.

Still photos don't really do it justice.

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