January 14, 2012

Halfway to SF after watching the movie 'Contagion'

AT 32,000 FEET aboard U.S. Airways - One recommended must-see movie is 'Contagion.'

Matt Damon, Judd Law, Gwyneth Paltow - great acting and a suspenseful script.

But it might not be the best choice for viewing while locked in a plane with several hundred people, many of whom seem to be hacking and wheezing with sounds remarkably like those dying of a nearly unstoppable virus in the movie.

I am wearing a handkerchief over my mouth and nose, wondering if I should inoculate with a vodka tonic or three.

Of course that would likely make the megadoses of Keflex that I am taking less effective. The dermatologist took a chunk out of my shoulder Tuesday but may have let some infection in at the same time. The Keflex 750 mg per dose - is supposed to take care of the swelling. Maybe there will be a little left over to guard against the plague on this airliner.

On second thought, perhaps I should ring for one of the attendants gossiping in the back and get some hydration gong - pronto!!!

Oh madame!

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Location:Halfway to SF after watching the movie 'Contagion'

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