January 22, 2012

On the way back to Mexico, one day out

ON BOARD Virgin America FLT 27 - We are cruising at 450 mph over Colorado on our way to SF where I intend to get a good night's sleep before finishing this sojourn Sunday in Puerto Vallarta.

Most people reading this already know that I have been in the US since Wednesday attending the wake and funeral of my older brother.

And most know that his death came as an unexpected shock - a crashing heart attack at a medical appointment.

Such events have strange effects on people and it will be some time before I can put words to how I feel and how the trajectory of my life is now changed.

At the moment? Stuck in memories of growing up with flashes of an adult older brother.

My thanks to the many friends who send me messages of support and condolence. All were - and are - greatly appreciated.

In typical writer fashion, I wrote a column about Tony's passing for the newspaper I now work with in my semi-retirement.

It helped, for the moment.

I hope that some time with Sylvia in the sunshine in Mexico works, too.

Below are a couple of weather photos from NY today just as I was leaving. Mexico is definitely the right place for me to be for a lot of reasons, weather included.

In front of my sister Anne's house in Hewlett

The backyard at Anne's

Runways at JFK

On Virgin America Flight

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slamont said...

Michael, Losing a loved one always reminds us to live each day to the fullest. It's sad we need to be reminded once in a while, but you and Sylvia have always done this well. Which is exactly why you have so many friends who share your loss just as we have shared your joy.
Be well and prosper in Mexico.