March 7, 2012

Getting in a last few beach days in Arroyo Seco

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - With most projects (except for packing) all done, Adm. Fox and I have been getting in several days of beach time. Of course, when we get to Nuevo Vallarta, we will be living in a condo on the beach.

So what's your question?

Monday morning we headed out to Playa Grande shortly after first light to check on things, then in the evening, Playa Chica for the sunset.

Both were fabulous.

At Playa Grande, the owner of the building we call the 'hotel' was there and we had a nice conversation with him about his plans for the place.

Among other things is installing a new fence in the front of the building and possibly upgrading the swimming pool. He might also visit us in New York when he heads to the U.S. this summer while he is working.

THIS WEEKEND we also took delivery on a new table for the Pink Flamingo - and what a table it is!

The unit is 3 meters long by 1 meter wide and is constructed of solid wood.

I suspect I am butchering the spelling here, but the lumber to make it came from a local tree called a mojote. A local carpenter made the table from a huge mojote that was felled by Hurricane Jova last fall.

He has more raw materials to work with this year than in the last 10, he says.

The table seats 10 comfortably and can squeeze 12 around it I am sure. It was so heavy (because the wood is still wet) that it took four of us to lift it out of the truck. And it was still a strain on our backs.

The Admiral is calling - we are off to Playa Chica to catch another sunset.

Hasta pasta.

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