April 30, 2012

Plant garden, replant garden, repeat as necessary

WATKINS GLEN, New York, USA - Last night the temperatures here dropped to about 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Twenty degrees. Twenty degrees!

So much for my early planting and all those seed pots.

Still, now that that bit of frost is past (all the cars have a nice crust of ice on them), it appears warmer weather is on the way, complete with some rain. Today it is supposed to hit near 70 degrees with no frost ahead.

I'm heading out to buy more vegetable seeds this morning to see if I can my crops going this time.

The days haven't been quite as cold as the nights, and so Sunday Admiral Fox and I took a walking tour of Watkins Glen, winding down off our hill to the downtown area, past the high school and back past the Village Marina where the bar and restaurant are reopened.

The place was doing a brisk business Sunday when we dropped by, though the wind off the lake was still too cold for anyone to be brave enough to sit outside. The restaurant has a new menu that looks great - much simpler than in other seasons and has added a number of vegetarian and vegan offerings.

And the beer and wine list? Great as ever.

Some boats are in the water already, and when we walked through the dry storage area at least 10 captains were busy taking off the covers and getting ready for launch. There was also a decided smell of fiberglass wax in the air.

The Valois Point Yacht Club is firmly closed for the present. I haven't had the time - or weather been good enough - to even start to clean the path/stairway down to the water. Still, the first warm (and non-raining) day and I will shuffle up the lake to get ready for summer.
Seneca Lake, April 29

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