May 10, 2012

Video 'Saving Perro Morro' finally up on YouTube

WATKINS GLEN, New York, USA - After some struggles, I was finally able to post the documentary, Saving Perro Morro up on YouTube.

It's a film about Adm. Fox and Barbara Cook's trip to Mezcales, Jalisco, Mexico last November to help with a spay and neuter clinic. The three of us were there for a week, with Barb and Sylvia working in the clinic while I ran around filming and trying to be a one-man movie crew.

Cats in the recovery room
Back in Watkins Glen, I did the editing and production work here at North Glen Avenue Studios.

But up until today, I was unable to share it, unless I gave someone a CD to play on a DVD player or a computer.

Gracias Dios for the upgrades to YouTube that made this possible.

The is the first documentary produced by *subject2change Media made since Adm. Fox and retired from CSU, Sacramento.

More in the works. Woo-hoo!

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