April 7, 2014

A big week for 'The Fracking War' - and it's only Monday

WATKINS GLEN, New York - Just a few days after Adm. Fox and I returned to our upstate NY zip code, our son Dustin Fox put the finishing touches on an author website for me - something that looks more professional than my hacking on websites like these.

He and his friend (professional web designer Kimberly Paternoster) did a very nice job. And they promise there can be more neat things to come. LINK: Michael J. Fitzgerald, Author.

The feature that took a little extra care was an order form so that people could request a book directly from me, avoiding the Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble online stores.

We added it so anyone who wanted to get an inscribed copy of the book can do so. And they can also have it sent directly to someone as a gift, too. (LINK: The Fracking War, inscribed)

More big news came in an hour ago from Sylvia. She arranged it so that Saturday afternoon I will join with other local author types at the Barnes & Noble store in Ithaca, NY to give a brief presentation about my novel and do an honest-to-God bookstore book-signing.

I signed about 25 books at an anti-fracking rally in Sacramento, Calif. then more in Flagstaff at an informal Sunday afternoon gathering at Beth and Mel Tucker's mansion.

But this is a bookstore! And believe me, bookstores are getting quite rare. I know because I'm contacting them to see if they want to carry The Fracking War.

And then there is the Finger Lakes Times, the newspaper for which I write a weekly column titled Write On. (LINK: Write On, Finger Lakes Times)

Executive Editor Mike Cutillo told me today that the newspaper is planning on publishing a story about the book coming out in print, wants to do a video interview with me for the newspaper's website - and also will proudly display The Fracking War on sale in the newspaper's lobby.

Sounds like the war is on!


mary14889 said...

Congratulations on your work getting widely recognized!

Mary Flodin said...

Wonderful to hear that the book is getting Out! The message you convey so entertainingly is crucial for people to hear and understand. Do you know about James Cameron's new Showtime series on Climate Change "Years of Living Dangerously" ? Finally, the major media are talking truth about this! Your new website is beautiful. (The link from your email message to your home page is broken... hope you can get that fixed) Our effort to gather enough signatures to get a ban fracking measure on the ballot in San Benito County, CA (see San Benito Rising) is gathering momentum. Thanks for keeping us tuned in on the progress of the Fracking Wars.
Mary Flodin
The Fruit of the Devil
a novel from the Pacific Northwest