April 16, 2015

"The Book of Mormon" musical opens in San Francisco...

ORPHEUM THEATER, San Francisco, Calif. - The theater critics who said the musical "The Book of Mormon" is over-the-top, irreverent, obnoxious - and even in bad taste in spots - were all right.

But it's also hilarious, entertaining and provides some interesting insight, not only into the entire Mormon culture, but human nature.

 The plot revolves around a group of young Mormon men headed out on their church mission.

And what a mission they go on.

Adm. Fox and I viewed the show from some waaaaaaay back seats at the classic Orpheum Theater on Market Street. Even so, it was hard to take your eyes off the stage for even a second, the action moved so fast.

And the singing! And the choreography! It was timed so neatly the two+ hours of show zipped by.

The show was written by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone which explains a lot of the more eye-popping elements/concepts presented. I won't spoil the show by saying what they are. But wow!

Parker and Stone must be confident that God has a good sense of humor. (I'm sure she does. I watched the movie "Dogma.")

In the end, perhaps ironically, "The Book of Mormon" musical seems to offer a message for nearly everyone. You will have to check it out in person to see what the play has to say to you.

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