July 20, 2007

Ready to wing back to Valois on Monday

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - My faculty office has been cleaned, textbooks ordered and the various course outlines, well, ok, they are not done, but I have them on my laptop.

And with a stroke of a pen today, Sabbatical will be transferred back to former owner Don Tiffin for the next round of cruising.

All of that adds up to a very early morning flight Monday back to upstate New York via Midway Airport in Chicago. We are returning via Southwest Airlines - about the friendliest of skies to fly these days. The planes might be a little small but the flight attendants are, well, attendant and even going cross-country, it's not a bad flight.

I do need to find a good book to read, however.

On our last fly-through at Midway, we stopped at a Blues Brothers display to check things out and I had my photo taken with Elwood and Jake. Well, my photo was taken with plaster replicas anyway.

Michael with the Blues Brothers
Visiting with the Blues Brothers in Chicago

And in keeping with the theme of my most recent posting on From Where I Sit, here's one of the most famous lines from the Blues Brothers movie:
  • A mission from God
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