June 21, 2017

A Kickstarter project that's all about dog wisdom - Really!

   POINT RICHMOND, Calif. - If you love dogs, you will probably go absolutely barking crazy over this Kickstarter project Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Guidebook.
   It was developed by Randy Crutcher and Barb Horn - both amigos of mine.

    Out skiing two years ago they came up with the idea of producing a whimsical deck of cards and guide book with some of the things they had learned from - and through - dogs over the years.
    Some are hysterical. 
    Some are almost Buddha-like
   All are very well done.

    The deck has 62 different images of dogs in various settings and poses portraying a theme like Passion, Purpose, Balance, Cooperation, Breakthrough - even Boredom.
You probably didn't think dogs get bored. They do...

Each card has a phrase that is also in the guidebook to share a little deeper dog wisdom.

The Kickstarter Campaign underway right now is to help fund the first printing - and to get these cards into stores. The campaign has 15 days left to run.

If you know a dog lover, are a dog lover, know someone who you think should be a dog lover or simply someone who would find these clever cards amusing, check out the Kickstarter Campaign page HERE and consider making a pre-purchase.

Randy Crutcher 

You can choose from 10 different rewards. Admiral Fox and I are in for cards and t-shirts, so far. And we don't even have a dog. So far.

Barb Horn
Here's what the authors say about their project rewards.
"You can choose from more than 10 different rewards you’ll receive when you contribute. Rewards come with contributions as low as $15 and include purchasing one or more decks signed by theauthors, limited edition T-shirts, stickers or posters with art from the cards.  You can get your name or your pooch’s photo in the guidebook itself or a chance to put your beloved dog in their memorial dog park (website), and have personal readings with the authors using the cards."

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