November 21, 2007

Bicycles, violins and ukuleles all in one day

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - In the countdown to Turkey Day, we had Anne, Samantha and Kamryn visit today for lunch and the surprise of the day (maybe month) was the just the day before, Samantha had taken her first solo on her bicycle.

And today she couldn't wait to grab ahold of the bike we keep at our Land Park casa.

After a bit of inflation for both tires, she hopped on and rode back and forth to show off her newfound skill.

I'll bet next summer she doesn't wait around for her Mom to take her to visit friends.

But right after that bit of transportation-related excitement, Admiral Fox and I transited to the studio where our music teacher, Bill Trainor, put us through an hour's worth of lessons on how to make the violin and ukulele sound good together.

It might take more than one hour's worth of lessons.

Still, it was fun and with even the little bit of instruction and suggestions, it looks like we will be able to stand up at open mic night in Mexico at Palapa Joes and not embarrass ourselves.

Not too much anyway.

One issue that arose immediately is that my ukulele just doesn't have the horsepower to play very loud, at least compared to a violin. So tomorrow I will be in search of a new ukulele (possibly an eight-string) that is wired for an amplier. And, of course, that means the purchase of an amplifier, too - a small one, but still - an amp!

Our Mexico-bound travel trailer is starting to fill up quick.

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