November 2, 2007

A day 'off' the list - is this what retirement could be?

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - The day began by hightailing it over the trailer shop with the new Aerolite trailer in tow, getting there in time for the service guys to grab it for a full safety checkup. (I also learned how to dump the poop tank - muy importante, amigos, muy importante...)

All of my night-before worries about driving through traffic - and whether Troupey the Isuzu Trooper's had the ability to stop the 2,800 pound payload at stoplights were unnecessary. In downtown traffic, I found people moved over (waaaay over, thank you very much) as I appoached, some moved over faster than others, particularly if they were driving a really expensive car.

The trailer now gets to live in the shop for a few days while the brakes and bearings are gone over quite thoroughly. I'll be about $700 poorer sometime next week when I go pick it up, but happy to know that it will have electric brakes that actually, well, work.

It didn't have any brakes to speak of, according to Dan the mechanic.

But the best part of the day was completely ignoring my todo list. (OK, I confess, taking the trailer out to the shop was item No. 1. but that was it, honest!) Instead, I went about the day like, well, a retiree, spending my time having lunch with my daughter and two granddaughters (video is below, of course), dropping by the Post Office, a quick stop at Trader Joes (for medicinal and ceremonial wine) capped by nearly two hours on the computer searching for ukulele music.

Granddaughter Samantha is learning to play the flute and so I madly grabbed songs that I thought she might like to learn to play, with me doing a comedy act on my uke. Plus, I found a handful of songs that the Admiral and I can probably play together, too.

The Admiral, by the way, has launched her own blog - not content to let my missives stand as the only record of what we are up to.

Here's the link - and she's already posting video!

  • Admiral's Log

  • Here's a short video of the lunch bunch at a local Applebee's restaurant:

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