November 28, 2007

An night of Irish music at a real pub - in Sacramento

FOX & GOOSE PUBLIK HOUSE, Sacramento, Calif., USA - The Admiral and I passed a pleasant - if all too quick - evening at a local pub last night where local musicians gather to play some Irish music.

The Admiral has attended this gathering a few times and this time I went along to check it out.

Any place where a gorgeous Irish woman bartender smiles and says: What can I git for ya darlin' ? gets my vote.

There was great music, great food, great beer (Harp's, of course) and great company.

I didn't drag along my newest musical acquisition - an eight-string ukulele with a small amplifier. I can't play any Irish tunes yet and I didn't think a rousing chorus of Chuck Berry's My Ding-A-Ling would fit in.

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