December 8, 2007

To start a yacht club, exactly what do you need?

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - When I started a freelance writing & consulting business in the 1980s, I discovered all you really needed was two things: a really nice-looking briefcase and some well-done business cards.

In 2007, I think it would be necessary to add a really fast laptop computer and a web page.

But what about starting a yacht club? And a yacht club in Mexico on the shores of Tenacatita Bay?

The Admiral and I have toyed with the idea since last January when we bought our oceanfront lot, fully intending on making a part of the property into a yacht club for cruisers passing through. (Our travel trailer, being loaded as I write this, is likely to be the temporary clubhouse.)

And while we have vacillated over web pages, designs for burgees and various other yacht club appurtences, the Admiral today took the first step, shown in the photo below.

Tenacatita Bay Yacht Club
License plate frame - going on sale soon

We are toying with the notion of showing up in La Manzanilla with a box of these license plate frames and bringing them to an organizational meeting - at Palapa Joe's no doubt.

We might also offer them for sale online - via the yet-to-be-built web page, of course.

More on all this, once we leave the 95819 U.S. zip code and head south and east.

Mariposa ole!

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slamont said...

Sign me up!
Where do I send the (small) check????