December 30, 2007

With VHF radio, now we are fully wired for communication

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - Son Dustin came bearing gifts Saturday - a VHF radio and an antenna which he installed this morning.

And already we have been in contact with some sailboats out in the anchorage, including Tumbleweed, whose captain and admiral (Dave and Mollie, respectively) are on their way north to Puerto Vallarta where we expect to catch up with them in a few days. We knew them in Zihuatenejo several years back when we all worked on Sailfest.

That's another story.

The radio was the final comm link. We also have internet access, a Vonage phone (with a Sacramento area code), and two Mexican cell phones.

The Mexican cell phones, by the way, are actually cheaper in some ways than their American counterparts, though dialing can be complicated.

Here's our new radio and antenna:

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