January 22, 2008

Getting the fleet ready for sailing/boating season

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - While one of our three vessels has already tasted salt water, all three have sat for most of the month here gathering dust.

Lots of dust.

So today, in anticipation of visits by cousin Ruth Bills, followed by amigos Sanders & Pat Lamont, followed by ???, I cleaned up all three boats, evicting all spiders and bugs of indeterminate lineage.

I had cleaned all three of the craft very well in Sacramento before loading them on top of the Grey Goose Express, so the job wasn't all that onerous - except for being careful that the stray scorpion hadn't taken up residence, hoping for an aquatic future life.

Fleet nearly ready for launching
Fleet ready for test launch

Astute readers will notice that the rowing/sailing dinghy appears to have one helluva brown smear on its side. Never fear, that is the fiberglass patch put on by Sabbatical Chief Engineer Scott Noble (and enhanced by me). Before painting the entire boat with shiney white marine paint, I decided to field test (in this case, ocean test) the boat in the bay in front of Santana Real Estate before I put the sail up and head out for ports beyond.

I also need to get my new friend Tom to fabricate a new centerboard. The centerboard, I believe, is safely stored in Sacramento.

Once completely repaired and equipped - and with a six pack of Pacifico beer stored safely - the Captain's Gig will be ready for what I hope is a triumphant return to the bay.

And the kayaks will be a blast, too - especially in the lagoon where the cocodrilos live.


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