February 18, 2008

Captain's Gig gets a coat of paint for sailing trip

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - The Captain's Gig - my 10-foot Navigator rowboat & sailing dinghy - got a coat of paint today in anticipation of a mid-week launching.

The Gig was damaged when Sabbatical went north several years ago (it broke loose in big seas and earned some life-threatening cracks and holes). But thanks to the good work of Sabbatical's Chief Engineer, Scott Noble, the boat is repaired and almost ready for sailing.

I say almost because my La Manzanilla amigo Tom is still searching for the right piece of plywood to make me another centerboard. The one that came with the boat is safely in storage in Sacramento, where I left it...

Que lastima!

Painted Captain's Gig ready for action
Painted Captain's Gig

Closeup of Captain's Gig repair
Closeup of the largest repair

The trick in all this was to make the boat seaworthy - and more presentable - but not so presentable that someone would want to steal it off the beach where I will be leaving it.

That philosophy saved me hours of sanding, as I left many of the fiberglass patches fairly rough and visible, even under the marine paint.

Now, if I can just remember what I did with the oars?

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