February 20, 2008

A climbing tour of the new lot(s) in Arroyo Seco

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - After siestas Tuesday, we took Ruth and Jen Bills (who returned from their Manzanillo resort earlier in the day) out to Arroyo Seco to look over two adjoining lots we are in the process of acquiring.

Last week I hired a local fellow named Gustavo (Tavo for short) to clear the land (largely with a machete) and mark it with stakes so we could see what the heck we were getting.

Quite impressive.

View from Arroyo Seco hill
View from the Arroyo Seco hill

Arroyo Seco - as I have said before - is a real-deal Mexican rancho, with about 300 people and only one gringo in residence, a 60ish surfer dude whose sobriquet is Spiderman. Should we take up residence there - and we are considering it for next winter - we would increase the gringo population dramatically.

At least so far, that seems to be a cool idea for the residents we've talked with. I can't get through town without people asking me what our plans are for the lot downtown and now with the hillside lots cleared, I think the local chatter will turn to be about whether we are going to build a house on the hill.

One thing I realized - midway through the expedition - is that I need to buy some long pants to wear when I hike around in the brush. And I need a stout walking stick to keep me from falling ass-over-tea-kettle. The hillside isn't too steep, but the cut brush kept snagging my shoelaces and the sharp brambles had me cursing in Spanish - which amused Gustavo.

Gustavo gives us thumbs up
Gustavo gives us a thumbs up

The one troubling aspect to the hillside lots is that a yet-to-be-built access road - a defined calle on the town map - runs right through where a few houses essentially have created their backyards. Backyard is not exactly the way to describe what they have created, but the area is being utilized. Lots of kids at play, lots of dogs, and lots of tiny garden areas.

Tavo has assured me that it's no problema.

For today, I'll be focusing on the great view of the valley - and how cool the air was. The ocean breezes come in from the beach (about 3/4 of a mile as the crow flies) and wrap around the hill quite nicely.

Sylvia on Arroyo Seco lot
The Admiral surveys the bottom of the lot

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