May 21, 2008

One cost of living in paradise: crocodiles for neighbors

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - Paradise does come with some costs, a fact I was reminded of last night after talking with someone about how many scorpions they killed this month - and when I discovered that a beach dog we had semi-adopted (along with a half-dozen other people) was eaten by a crocodile.

Yup, snatched right in front of a witness, a now traumatized witness.

The La Manzanilla message board has been buzzing with comments about the incident, and I suspect people with pooches are going to keep them a little closer when passing the lagoon where some of the crocs lounge in the sun.
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    A La Manzanilla resident

    The crocs around La Manzanilla have always seemed, well, so placid. Many times I've walked within 100 feet of the critters when passing the lagoon where it is close to the ocean.

    I think going to increase that zone of safety by another 50 feet. (Hmmm... make that another 100 feet.)

    I haven't heard of any attacks on people, but I would suspect a small child might look tempting to a hungry crocodile.

    I hope I'm wrong.

    Last year I watched several dozen tourists go wading out into the surf to get a better look at a small crocodile as it swam in the ocean before being captured.

    Even a small crocodile probably has pretty big teeth.

    Croc capture
    Croc capture on the beach

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