May 1, 2008

Search to begin Sunday for another place with Cuba Libres

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - Two nights ago I nearly choked on my Cuba Libre at Palapa Joe's.
cuba libre
No, it was not too strong. As usual, it was expertly mixed by innkeeper Willy who has the ability to pour just the right mixture of Coca-Cola, rum and lime.

I choked because as he served my drink, he casually mentioned that he was closing Palapa Joe's for a little more than two weeks, beginning this Sunday and reopening May 20. He said he is taking a little vacation, one that coincides with the arrival of Willy's wife and partner Kimberly, who has been in the states.

Does this call for a party Saturday night at Palapa Joe's or what?

Entering Palapa Joe's
Admiral walks into Palapa Joe's

The cause for alarm on my part (and the Admiral's) is because as the temperatures have climbed to normal here (hot for you people suffering in the cold to the north) we have all but given up cooking, except for the occasional lunch at home.

Instead, we have memorized the menu and taken to eating virtually all our meals there for, oh, about two weeks.

Can we fend for ourselves? Or will we have to fall upon the mercies of other restaurateurs to take us in?

We did stock the freezer this past week with frozen vegetables from the Puerto Vallarta Costco as well as other tasty items. But two weeks without a cheeseburger and fries? Or fish tacos? Or a chef salad? Or a Willy-made Cuba Libre?

Que lastima, amigos, que lastima.

But Willy - enjoy the time off.


el jubilado said...

I could never get a foto without cars in front - Bravo !!

slamont said...

Miguel, Miguel, Miguel. The solution may be as follows:
-- One part rum;
-- One part cold Cocoa Cola;
-- Pour over crushed ice in a very large glass;
-- Drink four within two hours;
- Lay down and take a nap.

Que Lastima indeed...