May 19, 2008

Water gets warm just in time for our vacation

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - It might seem odd to people who don't live here in Mexico (or anyone else, I suppose), but, well, we decided to go on vacation this week.

What the *&%$*$%#$**^&((?????????

For months, we have been running up and down the Highway 200, looking at property, negotiating with builders and construction guys, signing papers at the notario, getting a phone, changing the electrical service into our name for one property and, and, and.

By the way, changing the electrical service took two days and a half dozen legal documents, including flashing our Mexican visas (also know as FM3). We now get to pay the bill.


So today, I am on vacation and as part of that, I went swimming and discovered that the water in the bay is warm. Warm as in maybe 80-plus degrees. Amazing, because a week ago I didn't want to wade. I went swimming twice already and if I wasn't so skittish about swimming in the dark, I would take a plunge tonight before bed.

I'll swim manana, when it's daylight.

Ukulele jam in Puerto Vallarta
Music jam in Puerto Vallarta

We did take a quick trip to Puerto Vallarta (very quick, up one day and back the next) squeezing in a couple of medical appointments, a trip to Costco and a music performance at the Vallarta Yacht Club.

We were sans two members of our group (The Four Headlamps), but played with amigos Judy and Bob Lyon (of the cruising sailboat Lyon Around) and a handful of other amateur musicians.

We played 14 songs and at the end, got a very nice round of polite applause.

Sometimes you get lucky.

Sylvia with Devani
The Admiral holds Devani

After our trip to the Manzanillo emergency room with our amiga Irma and her about-to-deliver daughter Mimi a week ago, we kept checking back at Mimi's house, expecting to see Mimi and her daughter each day. But because of some complications, she stayed for several days, though now both are at home and both Mimi and her daughter Devani are looking great.

Sylvia and I have gone by several times to bounce the little lass (Devani, not Mimi), who seems to be gaining weight day by day.

By the way, what exactly are los padrinos, anyway?

Kids on a moto
Kids on a moto

Out in Arroyo Seco, our palapa frame is up, the ramada frame is up, the bodega is ready for a roof and the septic tank only needs its cover and a little plumbing to be ready for, well, you know.

When we were out visiting our amigos Sunday, we watched our neighbor's daughter - who is probably eight years old - zipping around the rancho on dad's moto with a few of her amigos. It reminded me that soon the Admiral will be back in the land of strict rules and where having an open container of beer in a car will land the driver in jail and stepping in front of the yellow line near a bus driver is cause for getting ejected off the bus.

Staying off buses will be easy, but the beer?

Que lastima.

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