August 4, 2008

A dock-to-dock wedding party at Seneca Lake

RUTH BILLS' COTTAGE, Hector, NY, USA - Before we made our trip down the highway to New York and New Jersey, we spent a not-very-quiet Thursday afternoon at Ruth and John Bills' cottage dock, helping out (and enjoying, ok...) a dock-to-dock wedding party, one of many events that took place as part of a wedding last Saturday.

The group went in two pontoon boats, hitting five docks, each with a nation as a theme.

Of course, the dock we were on was Mexico, and so I got to hand out Cuba Libres, mixed up to the exact specifications that Willie in Palapa Joe's in La Manzanilla uses. OK, maybe I made them a little stronger than Willie does (is that possible?), but these were mostly all 25-30 year olds with livers of iron.

At least for now.

We said "Viva!" a lot, as well as 'bienvenido,' and the food prepared by Ruth was a huge hit. Good thing, considering that we were the third one-hour stop of the group, with two more docks to hit.

After us, the two boats stopped at a dock whose theme was Ireland.

I'm not too sure about mixing tequila and rum with blended Irish Whiskey, but we heard that the boats finished their tour with all passengers and crews aboard, intact, and in some cases, asleep.

Admiral helps with the buffet table
Admiral helps out at the buffet table

Corona sign
Corona sign welcomes guests

From the South Pacific dock
From the South Pacific

Hula girl
Hula girl

Bride and Groom, dressed casually
Bride and groom in casual attire

Ready for departure
Ready to depart for the next dock

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