August 24, 2008

Last days on the lake - que lastima, quelle dommage!

SENECA LAKE, Valois, New York, USA - Nephew Nate and I spent the last full pontoon-boat day on the lake Sunday, checking for wildlife and enjoying 85 degree-temperatures and light southerly winds.

Sunday evening, a much-needed thunderstorm crashed in, with temperatures plummeting last night with a mild cold front. Seventy degrees is about as warm as it is supposed to be today, a perfect day to pull the Spirit of Louise out of the water and take it to Morgan Marine in Penn Yan for storage, except that the wind is already up to 15 mph, not ideal for pulling the boat out at an unsheltered launch ramp.

Manana, perhaps, manana.

Sunday was an odd day on the lake, as very few of our boating friends could be found - they were all out themselves, probably going by our dock wondering, 'Where are those guys?'

We did see plenty of dock denizens, though.

At the dock two
Enjoying the afternoon on the dock

On the dock three
Ready to jump in

At one point we were passed by a 1950s vintage Chris-Craft, an old woodie with an engine that sounded a little like it had been tuned up well beyond what boats could do back in those days.

It cut a beautiful wake as it roared down the lake. It made me almost nostalgic for all the varnishing I did on our sailboat, Sabbatical.


Classic Chris-Craft
Chris-Craft roars down the lake

But the highlight of the day - at least for nephew Nate Schwartz - was taking a jet ski out for a ride in front at cousin Roger's. After he took a 15-minute tour around the lake in front of the dock, Nate announced that he would reallllllly like one next summer - and because he is working, he just might be able to afford it.

I suggested that he get in touch with his cousin (and my son) Dylan, who wants one also.

They can buy it, I'll maintain it and keep it on our beach here in Valois, using it only to make sure it is running in tip-top shape. And we know that a good mechanic should test drive such a vehicle at least a few times a week. Perhaps daily when the temperature is in the 80s.

Sounds like a really fair deal to me.


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