September 27, 2009

A farmer's market of vegetables with some political spices

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - Part of the Sunday morning ritual for the Admiral and I for years has been a visit to the downtown Sacramento farmer's market, a collection of about 75 vendors selling all kinds of farm produce.

The market is under the Interstate 80 freeway, which on weekdays is a parking lot filled with the cars of state workers. At least those that still have jobs.

Today's visit showed that if anything, the market is growing bigger - and better - all the time.

Piles of green veggies
Piles of fresh vegetables

The shoppers were all scurrying about, picking out the best squash, tomatoes, beans and an assortment of fruits that is mind boggling. Vendors selling honey, flowers, freshly caught salmon and sometimes wine also do a pretty brisk business.

And this Sunday the political petition people were out in force, too, with people trying to get registered voters to sign petitions to legalize marijuana and get fresher food into school lunches.
(Or was it to get fresher marijuana? Hmmm....)

The usual cadre of musicians were missing, however. Usually at least two of three guitarists take up residence near the politicians (where people gather), leaving their guitar cases open on the ground in hope of getting some cash from fans.

I should have brought my ukulele and perhaps paid for the vegetables.

Come tip-toe, through the tulips with me ...

Pot initiative petition
Marijuana petition

Tomatoes everywhere

Vegetables at farmer's market
A pile of potatoes

What we couldn't find at the Farmer's Market - which wasn't much - we stocked up on at Corti Brothers grocery store, a company that was almost forced out of business last year when the lease for the landmark grocery wasn't renewed by the landlord - and a competitor snapped it up.

Some public protestations - no, make that a lot of public protestations - made the landlord relent, the competitor backed out of the deal and the Corti family was able to renew the lease.

We're happy. Corti Brothers still has the best deli in town.

Corti Brothers in East Sacramento

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