October 31, 2008

Another hit on the website from our fans in Wasilla

WASILLA, Alaska, USA - I can't say for certain that the Palin family - or their fans - are logging onto the website, The Four Headlamps, but there was another Wasilla hit yesterday afternoon and the referral was from an email.

  • Four Headlamps website

  • It's likely that someone in Wasilla ran across the post and alerted one of the other 6,000 people in Wasilla that they were getting noticed for something other than being the hometown of Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

    Whoops, I mean vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin.

    Sarah Palin and family
    The Palin Family poses

    If it wasn't so damned cold up there most of the year, The Four Headlamps might consider going there to put on a little musical program.

    Little being the key word right now, but we'll do better in 2009.

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