October 24, 2008

Grey Goose II rolls off the lot and goes to - storage?

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA- The Grey Goose Express II left the RV Max sales lot this morning shortly before noon after we had received a thorough briefing on all systems by Mike the mechanical guy, not to be confused with Mike the owner guy who sold us the unit last Sunday.

And with Mike the owner guy, we had a nice conversation again about his business and how he would really like to open a branch in Mexico.

He said it would be damned good excuse to visit the warm climate in December and January when it is cold, even in Sacramento.

We motored out gingerly with a special hitch made to distribute the weight evenly, but even at that, we knew we were towing a huge package behind us. A new electric brake system took most of the terror out of it.

But still...

After a short tool around the city, we went to the Costco in Rancho Cordova (close to daughter Anne's house) and parked out on the outskirts (so we could turn around and leave). We loaded up on a few items and then had a nice lunch - with the slider popped out.

Costco run for trailer
Basket of goodies for the Grey Goose II

Truck and Grey Goose II at Costco
Grey Goose II parked - with the slider popped out

After lunch, we checked out the napping spots (many) and the Goose II passed that test without any problems.

And it passed the maneuverability test, too, when we motored to Allstar Storage where we had rented a slot that was about 18 inches wider on each side than the Grey Goose II. After several attempts - and several pleas to various deities of Christian and non-Christian origins - the Grey Goose II slid into place nicely.

However, if the trailer didn't have a back door, we would not have any access without moving it.


Tomorrow the Admiral and I will start preliminary packing for our departure to Mexico with a tentative first cruise next weekend to see if all the systems work as advertised by Mike the mechanical guy.

The best thing is, if they don't work, both Mike & Mike said to bring the Grey Goose Express II back for fixups. It's all part of their service.

Is this a great country or what?

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