October 19, 2008

It's official - the Grey Goose Express II is set for Mexico

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - Timing is everything.

A week ago today, we were steered by several people towards a used RV lot here in Sacramento called RV Max , but it was late on a Sunday and so we decided we would wait until we had exhausted all the private-party sales of trailers we found through Craigslist.

And we found plenty of those. And by late yesterday afternoon, we were exhausted.

We found light trailers, heavy trailers, little trailers, big trailers, cheap trailers, expensive trailers - even wrecked trailers with dubious titles.

But today we decided to swing by RV Max and talk to owner Mike. Yup, Mike, who came highly recommended by everyone in the business. Mike had a unit for sale we thought might work. We had seen it on Craigslist, of course.

Admiral with Grey Goose Express II
Admiral in front of Grey Goose Express II

When we arrived, we were sad at first to see that the unit we came to look at - a 30-foot behemoth that weighed at least 8,000 pounds - had been sold already. It didn't matter much, because the trailer was at least 2,000 pounds over anything we should consider towing with our Toyota Tundra. And after last year's narrow escape of problems with the Isuzu Trooper, I wanted a relatively light trailer. No more cooking transmissions, if I could help it.

But on our way onto the lot, we walked past a unit that had just arrived the afternoon before from the trailer auction, where owner Mike had found it and thought it would make a good addition to his lot.

Just arrived! The afternoon before!

We did a quick walkthru, talked with Mike, and within 15 minutes had:

• Bought a 26-foot trailer at a bargain price, including a special hitch and a guarantee
• Made a friend in RV Max-owner Mike, who is dying to come to Mexico
• Found a Spanish tutor for me, one of people who works for Mike at the lot

Here's what the trailer looks like on the inside:

Grey Goose couch with the admiral
Admiral by the couch and front door

Grey Goose galley
Galley and refrigerator at right

Grey Goose dinette slideout
Dinette slideout

The slideout makes all the difference in the trailer, pushing out the living room, dining room, galley area about three feet to make the place seem like, well, a home, not a skinny tube of aluminum.

And speaking of aluminum, the unit is constructed largely of aluminum and weighs only slightly over 4,000 pounds, well within range of the Tundra's pulling (and more important, stopping) abilities.

A few hours after making our find, we signed a short-term contract for a parking spot about a mile from the university so we can begin stocking the Grey Goose Express II (known at Goose II for short) for our sojourn to Mexico and Arroyo Seco. Now that we have two travel trailers (the original Grey Goose Express and this unit) we have to decide if one of them should be posted on one of the beach lots, or if both should reside in downtown Arroyo Seco.

Decisions, decisions. Where to put the trailer? And how much Grey Goose vodka to carry for the trip.

New Home for Grey Goose II
Parking place for Grey Goose II

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