May 29, 2009

Back in the USSA after more than six months in Mexico

PHOENIX, Arizona, USA - I touched down on American soil a few hours ago after more than six months in Arroyo Seco, Mexico and its environs.

A stopover in Puerto Vallarta last night gave me a chance to say goodbye to Dustin, Cami, and, of course, granddaughter Sasha. Sasha is turning into a real character.

Sasha loves corn
Sasha loves corn - on the cob

Sasha smiles big

As I write this, the Admiral and I are waiting to board a US Airways jet for next leg of the trip to Philadelphia - a red-eye flight that leaves at about 11 p.m., local time.


But the upside is the Admiral used some frequent flier miles to upgrade this leg to first class for both of us. First class - you know, the big seats, the free drinks and perhaps even enough room to stretch out and sleep.

A vodka tonic, por favor, er, I mean, please...

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